"Baltinget is a chapter by itself in Danish folk music. () probably the most professional and progressive band offered in current Danish folk music."

This lively quintet embrace traditional Danish music with an infectious fervor that catches the ear most pleasantly. ...Classic is lovely all around.
(Dirty Linen)

The band's mission of breathing new life into traditional folk music, by giving it a transfusion of elements from modern rythmic music, is accomplished with a high degree of creativity and competence.
(Jyllands Posten)

…"Special" is simply the most impressive release on the Danish folk scene this year.…
(Vendsyssel Tidende)

Yes, their performance was pure enjoyment from beginning to end.
(Berlingske Tidende)

Baltinget has always had class - now they've got class with a difference!
We await with plesure their next move.

(Jydske Vestkysten)

...a fresh breath of air on the Danish folk scene.

No, it's just that here we are dealing with a group which has developed, quite unusual for Denmark, a not too common combination of exellent musicianship, originality of arrangements and displays the courage to include elements from jazz and funk, without appearing artificial.
Highly recomended, particulary to those who do not consider themselves fans of Danish folk music.

(Berlingske Tidende)

… ...this was DANISH music, pure and simple, taking us there where it's really happening.
I was so moved by pure joy.