Photo: Rikke Madsen

- Baltinget represents a unique niche in Danish folk music.
(The Danish magazine Folk&Musik)


"Baltinget is a chapter by itself in Danish folk music. () probably the most professional and progressive band offered in current Danish folk music."

Quotation from a review in the Danish magazine Folk&Musik. Since 1992 Baltinget has been in the lead on the Danish folk scene and has performed successfully at almost all Danish folk festivals as well as numerous festivals abroad:
E.g. European Broadcast Union Folk Festival 96, Tønder Festival 96 & 98. Recently: Folk Fest Dranouter (Belgium) 2002.

Baltinget turns the venues upside down with their dynamic, intense and swinging music. The strength of traditional Danish music merge with modern music in compositions by the band as well as new, exciting interpretations of traditional tunes.

In 2004 Baltinget's album Classic was nominated for Danish Music Awards in following categories:
- Danish Folk Album of the Year
- Danish Folk Instrumentalist of the Year (fiddler Tove de Fries)

Foto: Jens Th.

Tove de Fries - fiddle & vocal

Jesper Vinther Petersen - accordion

Klaus Ravnsborg - guitar

Peter Marquard Sejersen - double bass

Jesper Falch - percussion